Say Cheese: What To Know Before Booking A Photo Booth For Your Party

Say Cheese: What To Know Before Booking A Photo Booth For Your Party

What’s New With Photo Booth Companies?

So you want to hire a photo booth for your next party? Here is some helpful information before you book. New ventures in the old photo booth include props, 42″ touchscreens to write messages directly on your photos and a new format that will send the photos directly to your phone. These advances helped to keep the photo booth a thriving business. With the technology of the camera phone getting better and better the photo booth needed a revival. This also included a higher speed printer to get pictures out in 6 seconds, a better quality camera and a lighting ring.


Thinking Outside the Box

The breath of fresh air came when companies starting taking the photo booth out of the small box and brought it out where everyone can join the fun. This is great for group photos and larger than life props. The touchscreen aspect allows patrons to draw on their photo and add stickers. Some new programs allow the photos to be turned into a GIF. These new features have also added event possibilities where a conventional photo booth couldn’t work. Photo booth rentals can now include music and games. An even newer idea for photo booths is an all in one modern lightweight unit with a light ring that only requires one outlet. The system can be set up on an included stand or mounted on the wall taking up minimal space. This type of photo booth experience would fit easily into any event.


What They Offer

Some companies offer both types of photo booth experiences. While delving into the new open studio style they’ve kept the retro option with some modern tweaks. The traditional photo booth now contains digital components that allow a patron to view an online gallery of event photos as well as supplies the host with a downloaded version of all the photos in the gallery for the event. One photo booth service even offered a choice of a social media or scrapbooking kiosk. When looking at booking a photo booth service find out everything they offer. Just don’t assume that it will be the same old humdrum experience you might’ve experienced at a carnival. You could be delightfully surprised. For more information, check out photo booth hire Wakefield.


Doing Research Before You Book

There are some points to consider when hiring or renting a photo booth service. This process can be overwhelming at first. These types of companies are popping up by leaps and bounds with the low cost to set up and minimal overhead. The market has become saturated and very competitive. One service might be very inexpensive and another could offer discounts. It’s suggested not to book solely on price alone and do research to ensure a successful event. Don’t be afraid of asking for references. Online reviews are nice but can sometimes be biased or bought. If a photo booth service is organized they will ask a few previous clients if they can use them as references. Another talking point should be if the service is local. This may seem like an odd question but for bigger events this is important. A more locally based service will be familiar with the big venues in the area. Cover all bases including insurance, contracts, and equipment. More importantly, find out prices, packages and what’s included and what are considered ala cart options. One last item to find out is if there will be an attendant on site. Due to easy portable nature of the new photo booth machines, this is not always a definite.


Also you can find a ton of awesome tutorials on how to make even more (individualized) props, check this out:

Popular alternatives to WP Engine

Popular alternatives to WP Engine

Popular alternatives to WP Engine

WordPress Engine is popular among bloggers, developers, and WP Engine customers when it comes to hosting. While WPE may be getting positive reviews and a fair share of challenges, it is best to look out for other alternatives that may fit your budget too. If you have already been hosted by WPE and experienced challenges such as expensive packages, then keep reading and find out other competitors that can host your WordPress site. Make sure to check The 9 Best Managed WordPress Hosting Platforms 2017 (Ranked!)

Fly Wheel

Fly wheel has attractive hosting packages the cheapest being $15 a monthly. The package allows 500 guests, has 250 GB bandwidth and storage space of up to 5 GB. Many bloggers are finding Fly Wheel as an adorable host to their WordPress sites as it offers everything needed without compromising performance.

Advantages of Fly Wheel

-It is recommended by

-Fly Wheel staff handles the transferring process at no extra cost.

-it’s now possible to manage all your sites from one dashboard.

-Each site you own gets a dedicated IP address.

-It is a user-friendly host

Disadvantages of Fly Wheel

-It is not a popular host as WPE.

-It limits hosting to WordPress only.

-If your site attracts high traffic than what you had paid for you get charged extra fees.


If Fly Wheel does not match your interests, then Pressidium is the WPE that you should test. The hosting company is fairly new in the market but has tremendous growth and positive remarks from its users. Pressidium has great hosting performance and uses a custom made Pinnacle Platform which offers you enterprise architecture with different hosting packages. Its plans start at $49.90 a month hosting three WordPress site and stretch to $599.90 a month to host up to 50 sites.

Advantages of Pressidium

-A simple dashboard that you can change administration settings to suit your needs.

-Transferring your website is done for free.

-It’s free to create an SFTP sub accounts.

-The pressidium staff helps you with any site challenges.

Disadvantages of Pressidium

-It does not offer any email accounts.

-Pressidium has limited payment options which are Visa, MasterCard and debit cards.

-Each hosting plan has allotted traffic limit which ranges from 1000 to one million.


Pressable has partnered with Google PageSpeed which makes it a unique and outstanding hosting service provider. Pressable markets itself as the number when it comes to customer service. The partnership with Google PageSpeed has played part in improving the site’s speed and the results are a long list of clients and positive feedback. Each of Pressable hosting plans includes free Content Delivery Network, managed updates collaborator access and SSL Certificate by Let’s Encrypt. The plan charges are from $25 a month for five and below sites to $750 a month for more than 100 sites.

Advantages of Pressable

-You get newly installed plugins as soon as a new version is released.

-You have unlimited bandwidth and storage space.

– Content Delivery Network is free for all plans.

-When having challenges, you can let a developer access your site and limit his access later using the collaborator access tool.

Disadvantages of Pressable

-Extra traffic attracts extra charges.

-Pressable can only host WordPress sites.

-It has an unattractive admin interface.

If you have had challenges with WP engine or you find it expensive, the above-managed hosting providers are the best alternatives to WP engine and worth considering.

Professional Digital Writing services and how they can help you

Professional Digital Writing services and how they can help you

Professional writing services provide useful opportunities for both writers and owners of websites or blogs. Understanding what professional writing services are and who they help can help you to decide about how to whether you want to be a part of the websites that offer this service.

What are Professional Writing Services

Professional writing services are sites that serve as a buyer and seller market for article writing. Buyers will request a certain type of article gets drafted, potentially with certain key words and of a certain duration, and authors will write the requested article if they can select them. A buyer of articles has the ability to buy articles from a variety of different writers on the free market, or offer an assignment directly to a person. The writer then writes and submits the article and the buyer has a certain time period in which they will review the article and either accept it or reject it as not satisfying the buyer.

How Professional Writing Sites Benefit Writers

The obvious benefit to writers of these professional writing websites is the fact that you can get paid for doing some work. While the amount earned is not all that significant, it is a helpful side way of earning additional money that can help to balance your budget or handle some bills. It is forces writers to write in a different way than they are used to and under a different form of writing. This can help them to grow as a writer, or at least get a lot of practice writing quickly. Further, it can continue to help them hone their writing style in different ways and improve as a writer with practice.

How Professional Writing Sites Benefit Buyers

Buyers of information from professional writing sites are able to get content that they can use on their website and blog. This can provide a much better overall site with more content. Alternatively, some students or employees list a project that they can then take credit for, such as in a writing class. Finally, many websites will benefit from a search engine optimization push in which a website is scored better in a search result due to many outside articles drafted by a professional writing service that are flooded on the internet.

What to Expect from a Professional Writing Service?

The best buyers and writers have a reasonable attitude regarding these professional writing services. The authors are not paid a significant amount and cannot earn a living doing this. Authors need to expect only a small bit from the articles that they get, but buyers have to expect a not well researched article. It simply isn’t cost effective for a writer to craft a complex article for a few dollars. However for certain buyers and sellers there is a lot to be gained from this situation. Professional writing services can provide a lot of small benefits for buyers and writers a like, but nobody is really getting rich off of them. Have small expectations and you will enjoy the process.

What are scale buildings?

What are scale buildings?

Scale buildings have always been apart of building in modern or advanced societies. Greeks, Roman and Egyptians all made scale buildings to determine a multitude of things including scale models built on top of certain earth types to test compaction and other structural issues before building. This has the potential to show problems of course before an actual building is built. These scaled buildings even in recent architectural history have been utilized to make model tract homes to skyscrapers. The model buildings are built to certain standards like N, Piko G, S, HO and many other standards that described the way the buildings are scaled in architecture.


However, these scaled buildings are utilized for much more than their architectural value today. They have a real value in replicating landscapes like cities and neighborhoods for things like model train enthusiasts and even filmmakers. Architectural scale models must replicate every part of the intended actual building in exciting detail, and this is the same standard demanded by filmmakers and train enthusiasts in replicating towns and cities. Additionally, scale buildings are used to manage the growth in downtown areas, skylines, and to manage urban sprawl by presenting these in dimensions that can be seen readily and with problems that also present themselves in this manner. So not only the value has risen in scale buildings, the uses for these instruments have also multiplied exponentially.

Digital Revolution

There are certain things that the digital revolution has made obsolete with digital animation and other means of viewing things digitally, but scale is still a void that this revolution cannot ford. Because of this, the need for scale buildings is even more prevalent than before the advent of the internet and all of its new expansive capabilities. Additionally, someone who has elevated their craftsmanship in what many consider hobbies like train collectors and enthusiasts also require and exacting amount of detail. However, imagine replicating an actual scene in a neighborhood or even a small town in a movie. No form of media even in the digital age has been able to replace actual sets that feature scale miniature building, and in many cases, the digital forms of this media are more expensive than setting up for a scene in this manner.

In fact, some of the latest innovations in digital animation and green screen technology can still be detected in the movies or television shows, and after only a few years after the magic of viewing a movie for the first time has waned, later viewings reveal that digital media is being used instead of a scale buildings. Simply view a black and white movie with some sort of viewing technology like the 1960s version of King Kong, and it is obvious that the cinematography in the technology used to portray King Kong is obviously fake.

Understand that this movie once was seen as the standard in technology and when people viewed the film when it was new totally believed that it was real at the time. However, contrast that with the authenticity of the buildings in the movie that were never questioned. These were scale models, and their value holds even though the movie technology had advanced exponentially of over the fifty years since that King Kong movie.

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