Custom Stickers: Promoting Your Brand

Custom Stickers: Promoting Your Brand

In today’s competitive world you have to think outside the box when it comes to marketing your brand. Having a solid strategy and plan of attack is a must to gain awareness and amplify an audience. A great way to get your name out there and promote your brand is with custom stickers.

Why Use Custom Stickers?

First, custom stickers are very inexpensive and you can stick them anywhere. Everyone loves to receive gifts and that’s what most people see stickers as. They are great advertisements that often spark conversations and make people inquisitive. Make sure to have your website on there. You can stick them on cars, laptops, phone cases, etc. They constantly promote your brand and are worth the investment.

How Do I Use Custom Stickers To Promote My Brand?

When a customer makes a purchase of your product and/or service include a custom sticker, and personalize it if you can. Pass out your custom stickers at events, functions, festivals, and everywhere you go. Create funny and clever bumper stickers that promote your brand. A great idea for custom stickers is to get glow in the dark stickers so that they can promote your brand and be visible in the day and night.

What Kind Of Custom Stickers Are The Best?

You want to create stickers that have your logo and business model on them. You want to make funny and popular custom stickers. Animals, funny wordplay, and bright colors are stickers that people want to stick on their belongings.

Get yourself a graphic designer and come up with at least 10 great ideas, to begin with, and then in time add more. Design with a man, woman, and child in mind. Also, not just your bumper, but car windows are great real estate for custom stickers. Create collections that customers can build onto like the family stickers that are very popular right now. You see dad, mom, children, and even pets that can be added to car windows. The more eyes on you the fewer eyes on your competitors.

Remember that custom stickers are a must when you’re striving to expand your brand recognition. Design colorful, eye-catching, and powerful stickers and go crazy sticking them everywhere. Find where to print stickers in Vancouver near you here.

How to use custom printed stickers to publicize your new local business

How to use custom printed stickers to publicize your new local business

Opening a new local business can be very challenging. Especially if you are offering products or services several other established businesses in the area already offer, and do not have much money for a marketing campaign.

That being said, there is one way to publicize your business that does not take a lot of money. Using custom printed stickers by Vancouver Sticker Printing to market it.

How to use them!

Use custom printed stickers for bumper stickers — One of the easiest and cheapest ways to market a new business with stickers is to have them printed up as bumper stickers. Make them interesting, or funny, or unusual and they can be handed out to anyone you come across. With at least 10 percent of people using opting to put interesting new bumper stickers on their cars, this is completely free, mobile advertising. Advertising like this can reach tens of thousands of people in just a few weeks. People that may just want what you are selling.

Use stickers on your products — If you are selling products, you can have custom printed stickers printed that fit onto the product itself. Make them bright enough, and have them printed so they offer a low price or a special deal, and these stickers will draw attention to your products themselves. Once people have bought one of them, and then like what you sell, they will rebuy them of their own accord.

Can be used as business cards — You can have custom printed stickers made that are the same size as business cards. These cards should be interestingly or unusually designed, and should be something a potential customer would want to display on their refrigerator, notice board or other visible place. They will then be more than happy to peel the back off your business card, and place it in a spot where they are likely to see it often.

Do street handouts — If you have custom printed stickers made that are fun, funny or unusual, people will want to stick them to folders, laptop covers, phones, refrigerators, jackets and skateboards. Have a large number of cool or funny custom printed stickers created, and then do a giveaway of them in a street close to your new business. Handing them out at a local fair or market could work even better. Just make sure anyone that passes you is given a free sticker, and you may just be surprised at how many eventually show up stuck in places you may never have expected.

Place custom printed stickers on community bulletin boards — Stickers can also be placed on community bulletin boards. If you do not want to stick them to the board itself, you could create a hanging bag that can be pinned to the board. Attach a sign to it advertising ‘free stickers’, and then put your custom printed stickers in it. You may want to check on the bulletin board every few days, however, as these type of giveaways tend to go quickly. So much so, you may find yourself needing to add more stickers to the bag far more often than you expected.

Popular alternatives to WP Engine

Popular alternatives to WP Engine

Popular alternatives to WP Engine

WordPress Engine is popular among bloggers, developers, and WP Engine customers when it comes to hosting. While WPE may be getting positive reviews and a fair share of challenges, it is best to look out for other alternatives that may fit your budget too. If you have already been hosted by WPE and experienced challenges such as expensive packages, then keep reading and find out other competitors that can host your WordPress site. Make sure to check The 9 Best Managed WordPress Hosting Platforms 2017 (Ranked!)

Fly Wheel

Fly wheel has attractive hosting packages the cheapest being $15 a monthly. The package allows 500 guests, has 250 GB bandwidth and storage space of up to 5 GB. Many bloggers are finding Fly Wheel as an adorable host to their WordPress sites as it offers everything needed without compromising performance.

Advantages of Fly Wheel

-It is recommended by

-Fly Wheel staff handles the transferring process at no extra cost.

-it’s now possible to manage all your sites from one dashboard.

-Each site you own gets a dedicated IP address.

-It is a user-friendly host

Disadvantages of Fly Wheel

-It is not a popular host as WPE.

-It limits hosting to WordPress only.

-If your site attracts high traffic than what you had paid for you get charged extra fees.


If Fly Wheel does not match your interests, then Pressidium is the WPE that you should test. The hosting company is fairly new in the market but has tremendous growth and positive remarks from its users. Pressidium has great hosting performance and uses a custom made Pinnacle Platform which offers you enterprise architecture with different hosting packages. Its plans start at $49.90 a month hosting three WordPress site and stretch to $599.90 a month to host up to 50 sites.

Advantages of Pressidium

-A simple dashboard that you can change administration settings to suit your needs.

-Transferring your website is done for free.

-It’s free to create an SFTP sub accounts.

-The pressidium staff helps you with any site challenges.

Disadvantages of Pressidium

-It does not offer any email accounts.

-Pressidium has limited payment options which are Visa, MasterCard and debit cards.

-Each hosting plan has allotted traffic limit which ranges from 1000 to one million.


Pressable has partnered with Google PageSpeed which makes it a unique and outstanding hosting service provider. Pressable markets itself as the number when it comes to customer service. The partnership with Google PageSpeed has played part in improving the site’s speed and the results are a long list of clients and positive feedback. Each of Pressable hosting plans includes free Content Delivery Network, managed updates collaborator access and SSL Certificate by Let’s Encrypt. The plan charges are from $25 a month for five and below sites to $750 a month for more than 100 sites.

Advantages of Pressable

-You get newly installed plugins as soon as a new version is released.

-You have unlimited bandwidth and storage space.

– Content Delivery Network is free for all plans.

-When having challenges, you can let a developer access your site and limit his access later using the collaborator access tool.

Disadvantages of Pressable

-Extra traffic attracts extra charges.

-Pressable can only host WordPress sites.

-It has an unattractive admin interface.

If you have had challenges with WP engine or you find it expensive, the above-managed hosting providers are the best alternatives to WP engine and worth considering.

What are scale buildings?

What are scale buildings?

Scale buildings have always been apart of building in modern or advanced societies. Greeks, Roman and Egyptians all made scale buildings to determine a multitude of things including scale models built on top of certain earth types to test compaction and other structural issues before building. This has the potential to show problems of course before an actual building is built. These scaled buildings even in recent architectural history have been utilized to make model tract homes to skyscrapers. The model buildings are built to certain standards like N, Piko G, S, HO and many other standards that described the way the buildings are scaled in architecture.


However, these scaled buildings are utilized for much more than their architectural value today. They have a real value in replicating landscapes like cities and neighborhoods for things like model train enthusiasts and even filmmakers. Architectural scale models must replicate every part of the intended actual building in exciting detail, and this is the same standard demanded by filmmakers and train enthusiasts in replicating towns and cities. Additionally, scale buildings are used to manage the growth in downtown areas, skylines, and to manage urban sprawl by presenting these in dimensions that can be seen readily and with problems that also present themselves in this manner. So not only the value has risen in scale buildings, the uses for these instruments have also multiplied exponentially.

Digital Revolution

There are certain things that the digital revolution has made obsolete with digital animation and other means of viewing things digitally, but scale is still a void that this revolution cannot ford. Because of this, the need for scale buildings is even more prevalent than before the advent of the internet and all of its new expansive capabilities. Additionally, someone who has elevated their craftsmanship in what many consider hobbies like train collectors and enthusiasts also require and exacting amount of detail. However, imagine replicating an actual scene in a neighborhood or even a small town in a movie. No form of media even in the digital age has been able to replace actual sets that feature scale miniature building, and in many cases, the digital forms of this media are more expensive than setting up for a scene in this manner.

In fact, some of the latest innovations in digital animation and green screen technology can still be detected in the movies or television shows, and after only a few years after the magic of viewing a movie for the first time has waned, later viewings reveal that digital media is being used instead of a scale buildings. Simply view a black and white movie with some sort of viewing technology like the 1960s version of King Kong, and it is obvious that the cinematography in the technology used to portray King Kong is obviously fake.

Understand that this movie once was seen as the standard in technology and when people viewed the film when it was new totally believed that it was real at the time. However, contrast that with the authenticity of the buildings in the movie that were never questioned. These were scale models, and their value holds even though the movie technology had advanced exponentially of over the fifty years since that King Kong movie.

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