Streaming, the Future of Videos

The Truth About Streaming

The days of going to the movie rental store to get your fix of your favorite movies are over. Streaming has taken its rightful place at the top of the chart. As such, streaming video has become the industry standard now, with the world delving into the depths of technology. With streaming, you are able to watch all of your favorite cinematic films, without leaving the comfort of your home.

People have been using social media, e-mail, and various other technological advances to stay in touch with family and friends because they usually don’t have the time needed to go visit them. Streaming has taken this idea, and used it to allow everyone to watch whatever movie they wish without having to take extra time to go out and rent the video. This has caused a surge in the amount of people who actually get to watch movies regularly with their families. With Streaming, there is no waiting to download movies, there is no trips to a storefront, and it has the same capabilities as watching television.

Where Can You Stream Movies?

Almost everyone has the ability to stream their favorite videos right at the finger tips. Most smartphones allow for apps that will give you the ability to watch whatever you wish on your phone. This isn’t the limit of streaming, you can use: Smart TVs, WiFi capable gaming consoles, and multi-media products such as Roku and Firestick.

Most of the time, we all know that there is nothing on regular television that we enjoy watching. Different companies have developed applications to combat this norm. Netflix has been around for some years now, as well as Crackle and Hulu.


The Future Begins Now

Streaming all began when ESPN asked a start-up company to help them stream a live video of a game in 1995. Ever since the technology has been rapidly growing due to companies wanting to dominate the new technology. What does that mean for us? We have the capabilities to watch free movies just like we would watch television. Our televisions are becoming more advanced each year, allow more and more people to stream media from their living room. All of this without extra devices.

The technology behind streaming is also becoming more sophisticated. 480p was the resolution when streaming first became popular. Within only a few years, we have developed ways to efficiently stream extremely high-definition videos without the need for waiting long periods of time for it to download. We now have the ability to watch most of our favorite movies in 4k resolution, which is top of the line currently.

As each year passes, the technology grows and becomes more versatile. In the near future, it is expected to be the industry norm for all entertainment devices, such as TVs, game consoles, DVD players, etc. to have streaming capabilities. Soon, everything we want to see will be no further than reaching for the remote.

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