The best ways to watch movies online for a movie buff

Are you one of those people who is always watching movies? Do you love to have access to a huge number of movies in every genre at any time that you want to watch them?

If so, there are a number of ways for a movie buff to be able to watch millions of movies online — both new and classic films. Here are some of the best of them.

Genre sites — There are movie genre sites that stream movies in just one genre.

If you are a fan of horror films, sci-fi, art films or westerns, for instance, you can do a search for sites that stream these types of films. Most of them are free, some of them are paid and require registration. Search for those that have the largest libraries of films you would like to see and then bookmark them.

The paid streaming movie services — Paid streaming movie services are now a huge business around the world, with hundreds of millions of people paying for them every month.

The biggest is, of course, Netflix. Netflix is now available in almost every country on the planet, so can be accessed even if you are on an international trip. It also has exclusive movies that are not accessible anywhere else except on Netflix.

Another of the large players is Amazon, which has an enormous library of movies to watch. This company even films its own movies that are exclusively available on Amazon.

Hulu is the third major streaming movie service, although it is not as popular as either Amazon or Netflix as it is not accessible anywhere else except the United States and Japan.

YouTube — YouTube has an enormous number of films you can watch.

Many of these films have been uploaded by individuals, so are not actually legal uploaded, while others were uploaded by the movie studios or the filmmaker themselves.

YouTube also has a section of the site where you can pay to watch movies online. These are in every genre and cover every type of taste. Costs range from $2 to $6 a movie, so they are a much more expensive option than Netflix, Amazon or Hulu, which all offer a flat monthly fee.

Free streaming movie services — Probably the most popular way to watch movies online is on one of the many free streaming movie services.

These services, like for example fmovies, are all over the Internet, and they have a huge number of films you can watch.

Some sites cover every genre, and also include TV shows. Other sites concentrate on specific genres.

All of the movies on these sites are accessible from just about anywhere you may be and there is usually no need to register an account. This makes your movie watching something you can do in total privacy on these sites.

In fact, the only thing you will ever have to do to be able to watch any movies on these free streaming movie services is to watch a short video advertisement before the film begins to play.

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