How much money can you make doing webcam modelling?

If you have been considering getting into the webcam modelling industry, one of the things you have probably been considering is how much money can you make with webcam modelling jobs?

After all, if you are attractive and can make money by being on camera online and from home, it may be a better paying job than many other jobs.

Setting up on your own versus signing with a studio — One of the first things you will have to decide is if you are going to set up by yourself or if you will sign with a studio.

Working for yourself means you will keep 100 percent of the money you earn versus the 20 percent you would get from a studio.

The disadvantages working for yourself, however, include not being found by people wanting to watch webcam models and the high cost of all the equipment you will need.

When you factor this into your decision, you could end up making less than $50 a day for at least your first year. That is not much money for working an eight hour day.

How much money can you make through a studio? — If you are attractive and decide to sign with a studio that represents webcam models, your income could be high from the first day.

A typical webcam model, who is also very attractive, could make between $400 and $1,000 a day, especially if you are willing to work six to eight hours in a shift.

What is the hourly rate for an attractive webcam model? — Webcam models who are working with studios often start out at 80 cents to a dollar per minute for every person watching them.

If you have 10 people watching you for an hour, at the lowest rate your hourly rate is already $480.

Even when the studio takes their cut, you are still making almost $100 an hour. That means you will take home between $600 and $800 a day in an average work day.

Webcam videos — Many attractive webcam models not only do live modelling they also make webcam videos clients can watch at any time.

These videos may cost a few hundred dollars to make but, when they can be watched over and over again by potentially thousands of clients over several years, these can be incredibly good income generators.

For some attractive webcam models, as long as they negotiate lifetime revenue shares with the studio airing their videos, these alone may bring in several thousand dollars a month.

The longer you are in the business the more you make — In many cases, the longer you work as a webcam model the more money you make.

This is not only to do with you being better at your job the more experience you have, but also due to getting regular clients who live you.

These clients will often watch you several times a week, thus giving you a steady income from them alone. Add on new clients continually arriving to watch, and you can expect your income to grow by several hundred dollars a month every month.