How to use custom printed stickers to publicize your new local business

Opening a new local business can be very challenging. Especially if you are offering products or services several other established businesses in the area already offer, and do not have much money for a marketing campaign.

That being said, there is one way to publicize your business that does not take a lot of money. Using custom printed stickers by Vancouver Sticker Printing to market it.

How to use them!

Use custom printed stickers for bumper stickers — One of the easiest and cheapest ways to market a new business with stickers is to have them printed up as bumper stickers. Make them interesting, or funny, or unusual and they can be handed out to anyone you come across. With at least 10 percent of people using opting to put interesting new bumper stickers on their cars, this is completely free, mobile advertising. Advertising like this can reach tens of thousands of people in just a few weeks. People that may just want what you are selling.

Use stickers on your products — If you are selling products, you can have custom printed stickers printed that fit onto the product itself. Make them bright enough, and have them printed so they offer a low price or a special deal, and these stickers will draw attention to your products themselves. Once people have bought one of them, and then like what you sell, they will rebuy them of their own accord.

Can be used as business cards — You can have custom printed stickers made that are the same size as business cards. These cards should be interestingly or unusually designed, and should be something a potential customer would want to display on their refrigerator, notice board or other visible place. They will then be more than happy to peel the back off your business card, and place it in a spot where they are likely to see it often.

Do street handouts — If you have custom printed stickers made that are fun, funny or unusual, people will want to stick them to folders, laptop covers, phones, refrigerators, jackets and skateboards. Have a large number of cool or funny custom printed stickers created, and then do a giveaway of them in a street close to your new business. Handing them out at a local fair or market could work even better. Just make sure anyone that passes you is given a free sticker, and you may just be surprised at how many eventually show up stuck in places you may never have expected.

Place custom printed stickers on community bulletin boards — Stickers can also be placed on community bulletin boards. If you do not want to stick them to the board itself, you could create a hanging bag that can be pinned to the board. Attach a sign to it advertising ‘free stickers’, and then put your custom printed stickers in it. You may want to check on the bulletin board every few days, however, as these type of giveaways tend to go quickly. So much so, you may find yourself needing to add more stickers to the bag far more often than you expected.