Say Cheese: What To Know Before Booking A Photo Booth For Your Party

What’s New With Photo Booth Companies?

So you want to hire a photo booth for your next party? Here is some helpful information before you book. New ventures in the old photo booth include props, 42″ touchscreens to write messages directly on your photos and a new format that will send the photos directly to your phone. These advances helped to keep the photo booth a thriving business. With the technology of the camera phone getting better and better the photo booth needed a revival. This also included a higher speed printer to get pictures out in 6 seconds, a better quality camera and a lighting ring.


Thinking Outside the Box

The breath of fresh air came when companies starting taking the photo booth out of the small box and brought it out where everyone can join the fun. This is great for group photos and larger than life props. The touchscreen aspect allows patrons to draw on their photo and add stickers. Some new programs allow the photos to be turned into a GIF. These new features have also added event possibilities where a conventional photo booth couldn’t work. Photo booth rentals can now include music and games. An even newer idea for photo booths is an all in one modern lightweight unit with a light ring that only requires one outlet. The system can be set up on an included stand or mounted on the wall taking up minimal space. This type of photo booth experience would fit easily into any event.


What They Offer

Some companies offer both types of photo booth experiences. While delving into the new open studio style they’ve kept the retro option with some modern tweaks. The traditional photo booth now contains digital components that allow a patron to view an online gallery of event photos as well as supplies the host with a downloaded version of all the photos in the gallery for the event. One photo booth service even offered a choice of a social media or scrapbooking kiosk. When looking at booking a photo booth service find out everything they offer. Just don’t assume that it will be the same old humdrum experience you might’ve experienced at a carnival. You could be delightfully surprised. For more information, check out photo booth hire Wakefield.


Doing Research Before You Book

There are some points to consider when hiring or renting a photo booth service. This process can be overwhelming at first. These types of companies are popping up by leaps and bounds with the low cost to set up and minimal overhead. The market has become saturated and very competitive. One service might be very inexpensive and another could offer discounts. It’s suggested not to book solely on price alone and do research to ensure a successful event. Don’t be afraid of asking for references. Online reviews are nice but can sometimes be biased or bought. If a photo booth service is organized they will ask a few previous clients if they can use them as references. Another talking point should be if the service is local. This may seem like an odd question but for bigger events this is important. A more locally based service will be familiar with the big venues in the area. Cover all bases including insurance, contracts, and equipment. More importantly, find out prices, packages and what’s included and what are considered ala cart options. One last item to find out is if there will be an attendant on site. Due to easy portable nature of the new photo booth machines, this is not always a definite.


Also you can find a ton of awesome tutorials on how to make even more (individualized) props, check this out: