The 5 most efficient and Unique Ergonomic Mouse in 2017

The word ergonomic has become one of the most popular words in the world of computers nowadays. Whenever people plan to buy something that is a computer-related furniture such as keyboards, mouse, and chairs, they will usually search for an ergonomic version of it. The word ergonomic itself means “designed for efficiency and comfort.” The thing about ergonomic things these days is that not only do they provide efficiency and comfort but they also offer style. For now, let’s talk about the best ergonomic mouse this year.


  • Swiftpoint GT Natural – If you spend most of your time on your computers like gamers or those who work online or in an office environment, Swiftpoint GT Natural is probably the best, if not the best mouse out there for you. Because it has a design that offers a pen-like grip that is relaxing for all hand sizes, it is a good investment for you to avoid soreness and strain that you will probably suffer one day.
  • EV Laser – Because of EV Laser’s unique design, it ensures the user that he or she would not have to use his or her forearm anymore, like in most standard mouses. Along with its super-fast transmission for gaming and browsing, it also offers a precise and sensitive laser sensor. The EV Laser also provides LED light in 7 colors to choose from and would be usable even at 10 meters away from the computer.
  • TeckNet Pro Wireless – The design of TeckNet Pro Wireless is very similar to most mice so you might wonder why we have this mice so high in our list as top 3. The reason is for its highly customizable user experience. Using its software, you can quickly change the color of the LED light, and you can easily customize the cursor speed.
  • Anker Optical – The Anker Optical is a wireless ergonomic mouse with a unique design that would perfectly fit any hand-size’s palm. Usually, the problem with wireless mice is that you would have to change its battery regularly. But now with this mouse. It has a power saving mode that automatically turns off the mouse after idling for 8 minutes. That means, people who are fond of leaving their computers on while they are away or sleeping because they are downloading or recording some work, will be able to save a ton of money for electricity.
  • Evoluent Vertical – The Evoluent Vertical features a design that looks like it was crafted by an orthopedic surgeon, with precise care on how it can make the finger joints sore and stress-free. The buttons are placed strategically in a way that the user does not have to contort or twist his or her fingers when using it. Because of how using the traditional mouse position can cause pain in your hand’s joint, it is usually admiseable to go for an alternative to that design if you use computers a lot in a daily basis, and the Evoluent Vertical provides exactly that.